When you are four, and you’ve discovered a little box of biscuit cutters in your toy box, well of course you want to try them out. So you make your grandmother promise. And of course she says yes.
Because she has a sweet place in her heart that melts when you are around.

 First you mix up the dough. You are given the sieve to shake and remove the lumps from the flour. But LUMPS is a new word. ‘What are lumps?’ you ask, and when they are pointed out, ‘are they like little rocks?’ Well yes.

Then you learn to roll the dough out, as thin as possible. You learn to place the cutters close to the edge,

and to press really, really hard.

 Some of the shapes are so funny that you and granny can’t stop laughing.

Finally, there they are, all spread out on the tray, ready for the oven. Mmm, that smells so good on a cold wintry day.

 And when they are ready, and sitting on the special plate that belonged to great-great-grandma whom you never knew, it feels as if spring has come.

Mmm. Let’s start eating, and can you take the rest home? Today you were a star cook, and you even insisted on cleaning up afterwards. Of course you can.