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Today my new book, The Persimmon Journal, arrived from the printer, box after box, bursting with the joy of birthing.

I will say more about this exciting news in a moment. But first I want to ask you a question.
Do you find that some seasons seem to go on just too long?
Whether it’s a season of drought and intense heat, or a season of constant rain, whether a season of grief or illness, there may come a point where you feel it will never end.

I felt like that recently, when Covid followed a bereavement within 24 hours and recovery has been slow.

What helps?

At such times I take refuge in two things:

1. I know that no season lasts forever. Autumn will bring relief from the summer heat and spring will revive winter depletion.

2.  I know that a source of love, creativity, and joy lives inside me, even when I think it has been lost.


The creative spirit

The creative spirit is always waiting in the wings to leap out onto the stage at the smallest hint of beauty in the world: maybe in a kind word, in a phrase of music, the opening of a tulip, the sun’s catch of new leaves on the flame tree, or the flash of a child’s smile.

And so it is through seasons of loss.

A Ritual of thanksgiving

In my new book, The Persimmon Journal, I invite you to hold my hand as we walk through seasons of isolation and renunciation, and discover along the way — more than compensation, more than consolation, dare I say it — blessings and unexpected gifts.

When a new offering arrives, I like to create an altar, light a candle, and offer up thanks to the sacred source. I offer gratitude to the creative spirit that has a way of seeking me out even when I’m lying low. You will see this altar in the header photo above.

The ritual reminds me that I am nothing but the flute through which the wind of grace sounds its note.



The Persimmon Journal: the art of growing older through lockdown, loss, and release is the second in my Seasons of Life trilogy.

Save the date for the Zoom launch on Monday, 17 October. The link will be posted on my Facebook page closer to the time.

And now for your creativity! Read on.


Your creative spirit

How is your creativity? Do you honour it by recognising where it loves to dwell: maybe in simple places, such as in the pot of soup you stir as you select the right seasoning, a fan of flowers that you arrange in a vase, or the seedlings you plant in your garden? Maybe in a poem, a quick drawing, or a song that breaks from your lips?

Creativity thrives in small things. Learn to notice and honour its presence.

In this way, creativity runs through your life like beads on a necklace.

When researching Spirited Ageing, I discovered studies that demonstrate the benefits of creative activity, especially as we grow older. Creativity helps recovery from illness and injury, is good for your health, keeps you fresh, and much more.

Blessings on your unique creativity,



Ps You will find The Persimmon Journal: the art of growing older through lockdown, loss, and release on the Books page of this website.


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