Winter solitude

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St Heliers beach is usually bustling with walkers. But not on this wintry day. The emptiness spoke to me of the emptying out that takes place in winter, and the seat seems to be offering an invitation to sit and be still.

In the other direction, it was the immensity of the winter skyscape that struck me. Winter has its own grandeur. I’m stepping into it.


  1. Anne Ruffell

    It is fascinating to see through your pictures the approach and now fullness of winter. Over here we are bombarded by colour as we sail into summer and even on a rainy day, like today, the greens of the foliage seem even more lush and the flowers even more brilliant. The other evening I visited a spot where poppies swept up the field to the blue sky horizon in a blaze of scarlet as far as the eye could see. Reading your blog has made me so much more aware of the world around me and how satisfying it is for the soul to record these things.

  2. juliet

    ‘Bombarded by colour’ sounds lovely! Here winter is in its full monochrome phase. The poppies sound gorgeous & I look forward to seeing your photos of them (which no doubt you took!).

  3. lifeonthecutoff

    A frenzy here of weeding and planting and swatting mosquitoes. Your pictures and words provide calm, Juliet. Winter does have its own grandeur and a time to store up, rest up, prepare.

  4. juliet

    What contrasts, Penny and Anne, from you in America and England! You remind me Penny to feel grateful that the mosquitoes have disappeared, and so have the weeds! I like those words ‘store up, rest up, prepare’ – thank you.

  5. Lynley

    Today as I returned home the winter light was so soft that the various greens and blue-greens of the hills stood out in their strength as a dramatic contrast.

    Now the promised rain is falling steadily.

  6. juliet

    Lynley, I love that depth of colour that appears in winter. Thanks for this word picture.

  7. Marja

    Great pictures. Looks like a beautiful place Love to explore Auckland one day. Actually hope to visit Auckland on wednesday for work. Depends on the vulcano dust cloud.


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