Today summer came to visit, in the form of Mira, a sunny day, and a ramble to the beach. Everything becomes timeless as I watch her becoming absorbed in collecting ‘treasures’ in her yellow bucket.

 The tide was up, sliding over the sun-warmed sand, and covering the shell fragments that lay about everywhere.

Mira, wearing a funny little cap of mine, trotted off to have adventures while I did my Tai Chi on the beach.

Then we played walking in each other’s footsteps, up and down the beach. Mira made me a ‘chocolate cake’ for my birthday (even though it’s not due for a while), ran off to find ingredients such as ‘raisins’, ‘flour’, ‘salt’, and ‘sugar’, and then planted leaves for candles in it. I blew them out, and then was served sandy handfuls of birthday cake.

On the beach we found this  gravity-defying branch, which somehow wasn’t surprising on a day such as this,

and it stayed upright, even as the tide came in. That’s how today felt – gravity-defying, lifting into the blue, and full of wonder.

Eventually, as the shadows lengthened, we made for home, happy and hungry.