Winter magic

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Today summer came to visit, in the form of Mira, a sunny day, and a ramble to the beach. Everything becomes timeless as I watch her becoming absorbed in collecting ‘treasures’ in her yellow bucket.

 The tide was up, sliding over the sun-warmed sand, and covering the shell fragments that lay about everywhere.

Mira, wearing a funny little cap of mine, trotted off to have adventures while I did my Tai Chi on the beach.

Then we played walking in each other’s footsteps, up and down the beach. Mira made me a ‘chocolate cake’ for my birthday (even though it’s not due for a while), ran off to find ingredients such as ‘raisins’, ‘flour’, ‘salt’, and ‘sugar’, and then planted leaves for candles in it. I blew them out, and then was served sandy handfuls of birthday cake.

On the beach we found this  gravity-defying branch, which somehow wasn’t surprising on a day such as this,

and it stayed upright, even as the tide came in. That’s how today felt – gravity-defying, lifting into the blue, and full of wonder.

Eventually, as the shadows lengthened, we made for home, happy and hungry.


  1. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. thanks for your comment on my blog – do you know I’ve no idea … and so I don’t mind if you sign up again ..

    Where do I look though .. I’m not v good at using Blogger as such for connecting .. ? Where’s that magic sign=up list?! ie where do I find it?

    I subscribe to Reader and use that to get posts … sometimes people drop off – and then I remember them from seeing a comment elsewhere.

    But like you there are people I’d hate to lose touch with ..

    Those are great days you’re having with Mira – and those memories are recorded here for both of you as the years go by .. love these thoughts and views – wonderful uplifting post …

    I’m sure we won’t lose touch .. yet it would be easier to have everything working ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. juliet

    Hi Hilary, thanks for your reply. The list of photos in your side panel shows your followers, but I can only see the first few. Yes, these are great times with Mira, and it’s a joy to share them. Thanks again.

  3. Hotly Spiced

    What a lovely day out with your granddaughter. Amazing you have had such great weather. It’s been appalling here – nothing but rain. We spent the entire long weekend indoors – so disappointing xx

  4. lifeonthecutoff

    Sunshine in every sense of the word, Juliet, and I’m sure your “birthday” cake was delicious. I love reading of your adventures with Mira. Enjoy!

  5. juliet

    Charlie, thanks for visiting. It’s been a real treat to have this fine weather in the middle of winter. It’s about to change though.

    Penny, the birthday cake was the very best. This is a precious time, my Wednesday afternoons with Mira, and in no time at all she’ll be at school and it will all be over. So I’m making the most of every moment.

  6. Lynley

    What light and warmth in these photos Juliet. A lovely counterpoint to your heavy, sad, reflective time of late.

    Your wee one looks lithe and nimble nowadays and so much taller in such a short time.

    It is never any trouble to whip together a birthday cake is it? And it doesn’t matter about the date when you are four years old.

  7. juliet

    Thanks Lynley. Being with a young one is a good counterbalance to the seriousness of life. She’s certainly getting taller, and soon she will be four.


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