Winter light

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I’m enjoying the special quality of the winter light. 
It paints the water with a special shimmer.
It’s cool and silvery, especially as the sun is going down. And it brings with it a feeling of peace.
. . . only in the winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself. 
–  Ruth Stout


  1. lifeonthecutoff

    That is a wonderful wintertime quote! Your pictures are so lovely, Juliet, and I do so enjoy winter light.

  2. juliet

    Thank you Penny; it must be quite a contrast with the light in your heat-wae summer right now!

  3. Marja

    Love the quote and the pictures are indeed very peaceful and bathing in the beautiful winterlight

  4. Joan

    You make me want to head to the country Juliet!

  5. Vagabonde

    I have been looking at your posts and you have some very pretty pictures in your blog. It is so warm here (Atlanta area, Georgia) that it is hard to believe that, at the same time, your winter is approaching. It is a pleasure to visit your blog.

  6. Jackie

    I love the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  7. juliet

    Thanks for the comments everyone, and welcome to the new visitors.

  8. Anne Ruffell

    I just love the first picture on your blog with that cool winter light and the patterns of the palms. I too am mesmerised by the light catching the water. I have just been to France on the ferry and spent a lot of the journey on deck watching the light playing on the water.


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