Winter dawn

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 I am not a dawn bird. I sing my song at sunset, not sunrise. But now that the nights are longer, an early morning meeting meant that I was up at dawn. Shivering in the cold, I opened the blinds and discovered this glowing sky.

Half an hour later, I was on an international meeting. Our faces came up on the computer screen: one in Italy and one in Germany. It was 10 pm for them, on a summer evening. Another face popped up from Canada, one from north America and one from Mexico. Our moderators were in New York state, and for them it was mid-afternoon.

What a miracle, to be able to meet and talk deeply with one another, from such far-flung parts of the globe, and yet feel united because of a shared intention.

This changing world, where new technologies arrive thick and fast, is a wonder to be in. Dawn is about new possibilities and fresh hope. This morning, in the cold of Auckland’s winter, I was happy to welcome in the dawn.

I wish you all a good afternoon/evening/morning, my blog friends from around the world. I send you hope, wherever you are, in whatever season and time.


  1. Hotly Spiced

    Lucky for you you didn’t get the 10pm shift! Imagine staying up for that. Beautiful images of the sunset xx

  2. Hotly Spiced

    I meant ‘sunrise’ not ‘sunset’ – beautiful all the same!

  3. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. it is incredibly how we can all interconnect – likeminded souls across the world at dawn, dusk, summernights or afternoon teatimes!

    Love the photos .. excellent views .. I’m so enjoying our long days now – cheers Hilary

  4. Lynley

    The sky is offering us plenty of magic right now Juliet. I don’t often witness the dawn these days but once this week the whole sky at dawn was the most delicate misty soft pink.

    I see your Melia has lost lots of its leaves. My one in the garden has just started to lose its leaves.

    Thank you for the blessing of Hope. We all need that.

    I’m glad the early start was a rich experience for you.

  5. juliet

    * Thanks Charlie, I was certainly glad I didn’t get the late night shift!

    * Hilary, isn’t it marvellous how we can make these connections. Your long days must be delightful, and ours will come again. Thanks for visiting.

    * Lynley, yes your sky pictures are beautiful too. The melia is pretty bare now, and no doubt yours will be before too long. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous

    It is startling, how small the world has become and yet how terribly big it is too! have a lovely sunday afternoon.. give my love to ack.. cecilia

  7. juliet

    Hi Cecilia, nice to have you pop in across this big yet small space. You are perfectly attuned to NZ time; it is indeed Sunday afternoon.

  8. Max

    I haven’t seen a dawn in a while, but it’s quiet magic is such a tonic, even in photos x

  9. lifeonthecutoff

    How wonderful your winter morn, Juliet, and yes, technology has brought and continues to bring so many together in such remarkable ways. It is good to have such hope – and to recognize it. It is now Sunday morning here, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and we are looking at 80+ degrees.

  10. juliet

    * Max, quiet magic is a good description, and it certainly gave me a lift.

    * Penny, I wish you a happy day after your summer dawn.

    Thank you both for visiting.


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