I am not a dawn bird. I sing my song at sunset, not sunrise. But now that the nights are longer, an early morning meeting meant that I was up at dawn. Shivering in the cold, I opened the blinds and discovered this glowing sky.

Half an hour later, I was on an international meeting. Our faces came up on the computer screen: one in Italy and one in Germany. It was 10 pm for them, on a summer evening. Another face popped up from Canada, one from north America and one from Mexico. Our moderators were in New York state, and for them it was mid-afternoon.

What a miracle, to be able to meet and talk deeply with one another, from such far-flung parts of the globe, and yet feel united because of a shared intention.

This changing world, where new technologies arrive thick and fast, is a wonder to be in. Dawn is about new possibilities and fresh hope. This morning, in the cold of Auckland’s winter, I was happy to welcome in the dawn.

I wish you all a good afternoon/evening/morning, my blog friends from around the world. I send you hope, wherever you are, in whatever season and time.