Winter Attunement

Winter Attunement

Do you find yourself depleted in winter? Maybe you are trying to push yourself into activity, expecting a high level of productivity that is not realistic. Your energy is flagging, and you don’t know why.


I want you to know that there is nothing wrong. In the seasonal cycle, winter is a time of rest. The earth lies fallow, and replenishes itself. Trees drop their leaves and sap returns to the roots.


So it is with you. Winter is time to draw inwards, to nurture your soul life, to dream and listen. Winter is time for gestation, to hold and protect new inklings, to be patient and reduce expectations as you wait for spring to bring its inevitable surge of growth. Winter is for holding, deepening and returning to essence.


In winter, exchange stagnation for gestation.


Would you like to be gently guided to discover the new life that is germinating within? Would you like to release obstacles and connect with the source of replenishment that lies in the heart of winter?

This is what you will receive in the Winter Attunement. Ritual is powerful in taking us through times of transition, such as seasonal shifts or the movement from apathy/stuckness into awakening.
The Winter Attunement will guide you through a seasonal reflection, a clearing ritual to free up energy, and then a guided meditation of replenishment and discovery. I have created this process to liberate you from the challenge of winter — the torpor and inertia — and help you discover the gift of life that lies hidden in the winter dark.

This is not about avoiding the effects of winter; it is actually about diving into the wintry darkness more fully in order to discover where new life is slumbering and quietly gestating.

If you would like to move with this season and align yourself with its deep offerings, then I encourage you to try the Winter Attunement.

What is in the Winter Attunement package?

The Winter Attunement consists of a recorded home ritual and reflective process that will last for just under an hour. It will connect you with yourself and release your own inner wisdom.

No special skill or experience is necessary; just your willingness to be present. To support you I have put together a pdf containing the following:

  1. Preparation for the Attunement
  2. Creating an altar, an excerpt from my book A Cup of Sunlight: discovering the sacred in everyday life.
  3. A winter story, an excerpt from my book Dancing with the Seasons: inspiration and resilience through times of change. 


The Winter Attunement will bring you

  • Connection with the nurturing flow that comes from the dark
  • A gift of inspiration from within
  • Soul replenishment and nurture
  • Alignment with the seasonal flow
  • Connection with your own depths


Darkness within darkness

The gateway to all understanding.


You will enter the Attunement the moment you sign up and receive the pdf. This gives you a preparation process that you can begin immediately, in the quiet of your own home. In the recording itself you will be guided deeper into discovery. After you have listened to the recording you can follow some simple steps in order to ground any inspiration for action that emerges.


When is the best time to do the Winter Attunement?


For most people, the need for replenishment is greatest after winter solstice when the coldest phase of winter follows. And so I suggest you time the Winter Attunement for that late winter period, before spring has fully arrived.


As the sun’s energy begins its return and the light of Matariki/the Pleiades sparkles once more from the night sky, so you will tap into a source of nourishment and discover the sustaining light within, to take you through the bleakest part of winter. 


Registration is NZ$55 (that’s around US$38). You may pay using your credit card or Paypal account by clicking the button below. Please first read the message in red below. It tells you what will happen next.



Important note: Once you have made payment please click the link that says “Return to Juliet Batten”. This will take you to the sign-up page. Make sure you complete the form on this page and click SUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the page so that you can be sent the pdf and recording. Thank you!


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What others have said about the Winter Attunement

  • Powerful, and most inspiring.
  • I have been buoyed all day (and got beautiful deep sleep) following my own contemplation/drawing/realisation from the Winter Attunement. I took my sketch to work today and it sat by my computer all day as a lovely balancing image.—Ruth Panelli
  • Something shifted in me, eased, allowing me to watch to see what emerges instead of worrying at the delicate germinating elements. And I thank you deeply for the whole experience.Intimate, present, and a very special experience for me.—Jessica Vivien
  • The Winter Attunement left me feeling grounded, protected and safe.
  • I was aware of the care with which you created the journey. I was amazed at the depth of the connection and felt quite different afterwards, very relaxed, centred, and nourished.
  • It has given me a new “felt experience” of the blessings of Winter. I had a lovely insight during the meditation (about my self-confidence unfurling like a new fern from the velvet dark within, and bright warm light radiating as a result), which I’m still integrating and gradually allowing to unfold… —Amy Cowling
  • I loved the way you wove together all the different aspects (listening, intention writing, drawing, meditation) – each one flowing beautifully into the next, with plenty of time to feel it and stay fully present.
  • I was amazed at the depth of the connection and felt quite different afterwards, very relaxed centred and nourished, and have felt I can take this with me through the following days.—Lee