Wind Woman

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 Have you met the wind woman?

 She’s here today, howling around my home,

 tickling the leaves,

 pushing the trees, and tearing their hair.

 She was here yesterday, and the day before, hurling branches on to the roadways.

 The eastern suburbs of the city have been without power because the substation caught fire. Maybe this wasn’t the work of the wind woman, but sometimes other mischief gets done when the wind woman is distracting everyone’s attention.

 I first met her when I was a child, back in the days of reading Anne of Green Gables.

 That’s when I learned that she could be a friend also, a reminder of the power in the elements and the power in me, to scour out, clear away, tear up what is old, unwanted and finished with. At the end of winter a lot of mustiness and debris has gathered and needs to be torn away.

 The wind woman stole my pale blue bucket lid, and search as I might, I cannot find it. But she also sweeps up rubbish with her big wide broom, and carries it away, never to be seen again.

When the wind woman finally is ready to sleep, and the mess has been cleaned up, a fresh start will be possible. Then, maybe, sweet spring will show her maiden face and the earth will sigh with relief and happiness.


  1. Joan

    I love this Juliet. I hear some complaining.I’d much prefer to feel exhilarated by the Wind Woman.

  2. Juliet Batten

    Joan, how nice to see you here again! Yes, it’s amazing how people complain about the elements when they get a little wild. It’s all energy though. Thank you for calling.

  3. Hotly Spiced

    I find that when it’s really windy, the children are affected and go completely wild. I certainly looks like you’ve had some very windy weather and that’s not good about the loss of electricity. Growing up in Wellington, I’ve certainly had my share of windy weather xx

  4. Juliet Batten

    Hi Charlie, you certainly do know about wind from growing up in Wellington! We are not used to getting so much wind in Auckland. Thanks.

  5. silkannthreades

    The wind woman certainly can be feisty! I prefer her gentle soothing persona that she gives to Cairns. 🙂

  6. Juliet Batten

    Yes, she’s been pretty lively, that wind woman. Nice to see you back again Gallivanta.

  7. Penny O'Neill

    Yes, the Wind Woman has visited us, recently, in fact, tossing about a few large tree limbs, rearranging the sky, and shaking the Autumn leaves about. I loved this, Juliet, and your clever way of letting nature do “it’s thing”.

  8. Juliet Batten

    Penny, so she’s been visiting you too. I love your phrase ‘rearranging the sky’ – thank you.

  9. Friko

    NO, I’ve not met the wind woman; only the big bad storm man.

    I must remember that there is a wind woman who does good things and that that great howler and screecher, who tears around the wind corner of my house, has a wife at home.

  10. Juliet Batten

    Friko, the storm man sounds rather intimidating. The wind woman is still here, but she is less fierce. Thank you.

  11. Juliet Batten

    I’ve just realised that The Wind Woman actually comes from one of L.M. Montgomery’s later books called ‘Emily of New Moon’. The Wind Woman is introduced in the second paragraph.

  12. Marja

    Great post The wind has become alive. It was quite cold last week. I heard about the power outage on the news

  13. Juliet Batten

    Thanks Marja. That’s a nice way of putting it: ‘the wind has become alive’. I was lucky here not to get the power cut.


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