At the bach, I’m pulling out some wild flowers – onion weed mainly – and delighting in others. This little blue flower is growing down the driveway, making me stop to admire the intensity of the blue (the photo does not do the colour justice). Does anyone know what it is? The leaves are like those of a bulb.

The garden is fringed with a tangle of forgetmenots. Every year they appear in their thousands, together with

clambering nasturtiums. I pick the smaller leaves and the best of the flowers to brighten up my salads.

Meanwhile, the broad bean flowers peep out shyly.

I study them for signs of some tender young bean pods appearing, but there’s no sign as yet. And so for now I enjoy them, along with all the other little flowers that have popped up unbidden. Spring is so full of surprises.

Each flower is a soul opening out to nature.