Can you remember the total absorption of playing at the edge of the sea? Today was our first day at the local beach. I played with leaves, making an image to use on my new solstice card, and the little one discovered a new game: collecting seaweed. There were several different kinds: kelp, a long straggly black one, green clusters, a little sea lettuce, and neptune’s necklace (bladder wort). She collected them all.

She’s so proud of growing up, and being able to do things she couldn’t do last year:

‘I’m bigger now, and soon my head will bump the sky, and then the sky will be broken.’

Everything is fresh with a little one: the ideas, the play, and the conversation. After filling the big bucket with seaweed, she wanted to take it home.
‘OK. I’ll find a plastic bag, and daddy can wash it and put it on the garden.’
‘But I want to take these ones (2 special kinds) into my room.’
‘That’s not a good idea because it will smell.’
‘Because that’s what seaweed does, especially when it gets old.’
All ideas for definitive answers will be gratefully received!