Which Solstice?

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Which Solstice is it for you today? If you are in the northern hemisphere, today is summer solstice.
Here in the southern hemisphere, we are in the chill and dark of winter.

But today is winter solstice, the turning of the sun.

 On my walk I found these strange purple fruit hanging from a hedge. Further along, I found another hedge that was putting forth purple leaves. This dark, sultry shade speaks to me of winter solstice: the longest night, the shortest day, the darkest time. But also the time of the return of the sun.

 ‘Summer is on its way,’ said a broadcaster today on the radio. With snow, hail, and thunderstorms sweeping the country, it certainly doesn’t feel as if warmth is imminent. Yet knowing the sunlight will be increasing from today brings comfort.

On my return home I cut up my favourite sun fruit and popped the segments into my mouth, one by one. Sun on the inside.
I also picked up some DVDs and have some good books on order, all ready for a snug weekend while the cold winds rage. These are satisfying winter solstice activities.
For you in the north, what will you be doing for summer solstice and what will you be eating?
We are at the polar opposites of the year. I greet you across the hemispheres, across the extremes of dark and light, cold and warm. Happy solstice to all!


  1. Vicki Lane

    A happy winter solstice to you, Juliet! (Those purple fruits look a lot like the figs with which I celebrated our summer solstice.)

  2. MandaBurms

    Solstice blessings to you!
    Love Leanne

  3. Penny O'Neill

    Good books and DVD’s for a winter’s day, Juliet.
    From one of your favorite polar opposites, happy solstice. Penny

  4. juliet

    * Vicki, I wondered if they were figs, but they were in a hedge and it’s winter!

    * Leanne, thank you and I hope all is well on the land.

    * Penny, I remember when you were stocking up on books and DVDs too.

    Thank you Vicki, Leanne and Penny.

  5. Lynley

    Those purple fruits are unknown to me but what a depth of colour.

    The winter solstice here was particularly dramatic as the storm struck.

  6. juliet

    * Lynley, it must have been full-on for you with that incredible storm.

  7. Marja

    Love your stolstice presentation with fruit and leaves. In Holland the summer starts exactly on the longest day. It is indeed a comfort to move now to longer days.

  8. juliet

    Thank you Marja, and I hope you are keeping warm. What a nice idea that summer starts now!

  9. Hotly Spiced

    I was so excited yesterday when we reached the shortest day of the year. It was a relief to know that from henceforth, the days are getting longer. That’s definitely a sign of hope amongst this horrid cold and wet weather we are having xx

  10. Ruth P

    The colour of the fruit and leaves makes such a rich celebration for our winter solstice Juliet, thank you! Loved hearing your sun fruit eating. Here I baked my favourite lime and poppy seed cake I enjoy in winter when citrus is so uplifting – but then served it with some of our red currants (saved in the freezer) from last summer, lightly crushed with a little caster sugar. Who needs icing when you can have the brilliant red and tasty zing of summer on your plate!

  11. juliet

    * Charlie, it’s good to know that we’ve reached the turning point. The weather is still pretty cold here.
    * Ruth, that lime and poppy seed cake sounds delicious! and the red currants – what a treat!

    Thank you Charlie and Ruth, good to see you here.


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