So you have had a new idea? An inspiration has arrived out of the blue for something exciting that you would like to manifest.


Which season is best to support this emergence?


Before answering this question, let me tell you what’s new for me.


First, I have changed the delivery platform for my Seasons Newsletter. It’s been taking me around four hours to produce, due to the technical issues of posting it on my blog as well as sending it out to subscribers. Then aha! I discovered a new system with an alluring name: Mailpoet.

Mailpoet is a friend of my website; they work together with beautiful compatibility. And it’s simple to use. So I’ve made the change.

Second, I’ve become increasingly aware of the polarity of the seasons on this planet. More and more northern hemisphere subscribers have been joining the Seasons Newsletter (welcome to you!). I’m also enjoying the presence of more northern hemisphere subscribers to my online courses. And so my awareness is extending.


Let’s return to the question

And so, when you have a new idea, is spring the season to advance it, or would autumn be equally suitable?

If you are currently in spring, this is an ideal season to carry any new inspiration through into action. Leafy shoots are pushing through the bark, sap is rising, young fish are swimming up the rivers, flowers are cavorting and the air is charged with fragrance. You will be riding the surging energies of the season.

Just as nature is juicy with growth, so will it be for you. It’s time to open up after the confines of winter, and to move from a focus on your inner life to the outward focus to the outward focus of action.



What about autumn?

Here’s the part that might surprise you. Autumn is also a very good season to welcome in a new idea.

However, the difference is that you won’t be in a rush to bring that idea out into the world. Autumn is a season when you are moving from the outward focus of summer to the inward focus of winter.

It’s a transition in which there are two ways to go:

1. If the idea has arrived in a fairly ripe form, a late harvest might be possible — a late fruition perhaps.

2. If the idea is very new and unformed, then this is the perfect season to cradle it inside, to nurture the new conception. This is the time to carry the tender newness into the dark womb of winter. Just as a seed sleeps in the ground through the dark season, your inspiration will curl up and quietly await the time to put down roots and unfurl into the light of early spring. You may think nothing is happening, but gestation will occur.

Whichever season you are in, I wish you well with cherishing and honouring your inspiration. This is your soul work. It matters.


‘Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source.
As we move toward our dreams, we move toward our divinity.’

Seasons blessings,

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