When spring hides her face, disappearing behind veils of rain, I create altars.

 Not altars in the religious sense, but rather altars in homage to nature, and the seasons.

 This is the definition I give in my book, ‘A Cup of Sunlight’:
‘An altar is a collection of objects that serve as a focus for spiritual awareness.’

This one helps me to gaze into the eye of spring,

 to lose myself in its greening energy. I remember the force that drives through all living things in this season, and the impulse to growth, change and transformation that is so strong now.

 A green candle, the water of life, and the sweet scents of freesias and hyacinths make another altar on yet another day when the rain and wind fly through the air.

Spring is the season of surprise. 
I have no memory of ever having planted the blue hyacinth above, which popped up in triplicate out of an apparently inert pot. Maybe it was the one I bought last year, that promised to flower but then disappointed and faded away. Last year’s disappointment is this year’s delight.

My altars make me smile, and help me to hold faith with the knowledge that spring really is here, even when the cold blasts outside would have me fooled.

‘The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size.’—Gertrude A. Wister