Wheee! It’s gone!

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 The tulips are dancing. Today I sent off my manuscript to the editor. It’s a big moment, a time to pause, a time of truce, having to accept that it’s the best that I can do for now.

 Only 3 days ago the tulips were just coming into bud. Mysterious. What will this flower be; what colour and shape? It’s a bit like that with a new book. I start in the dark, with some glimmerings, and then watch it unfold over time.

And now it’s beginning to bloom. It will open its petals further once the editing process has stripped away what is not needed, and helped to reveal its essence—which I’m hoping will be vibrant, like these tulips.


  1. growMama

    what a great feeling juliet! enjoy that space opening up.xx

  2. Marja

    Oh how wonderful Juliet. You must be so relieved. I am sure your writing will flower and be as beautiful as the tulips.

  3. juliet

    Anissa, it is a good feeling. Of course there are plenty of other things waiting in the wings . . . Thanks for visiting.

    Marja, I am relieved. There will be another time of great focus when the changes are sent to me, but for now a big milestone has been reached. Thank you for your lovely good wishes.

  4. Hotly Spiced

    Congrats. What a great feeling. You must be so relieved. And what beautiful tulips. The colours are stunning xx

  5. juliet

    Hi Charlie, the colours of the tulips were brighter than I had expected (I’d forgotten what colour I’d planted). They are looking even better today. Thanks for the congrats, it’s a good feeling.

  6. Lynley

    Your tulips are a wonderful surprise Juliet.

    I hope your new book will be bring colour and enjoyment to readers once it is ready to bloom.

  7. juliet

    Thank you Lynley. I’m feeling excited and hopeful.

  8. Theresar

    Juliet what is your new book about?

  9. juliet

    Hi Theresar, my new book is a spiritual perspective on ageing.

  10. Ruth P

    That’s wonderful news Juliet! And the tulips are beautiful. Here our almond and apricot tree blossoms are giving a festive feel to our days.

  11. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. congratulations – that is wonderful and I do hope happy vibes come winging back …

    Spiritual perspective on ageing – interesting concept … one I’d like to read anon …

    Tulips – one of the precursors to Spring .. flame orange-red .. and your little pick of spring flowers in your previous post – lovely ..

    Cheers Hilary

  12. juliet

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. juliet

    * Thanks Ruth. The tulips are real cheer-up colours. Apricot and almond blossom sounds glorious.

    * Hi Hilary, glad you enjoyed the spring flowers, and thanks for the congratulations. More work to be done, yet this is a good milestone.


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