Welcoming Esmeralda

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 She has arrived, and deserved a special welcome. So I cleared my desk, which was bearing the evidence of much activity, with piles of papers everywhere. I cleaned the desk too, and brought in special objects. Because Esmeralda is going to make life a lot easier for me.

 I think of her second name as I-maculate. She is the new, slim-line version, and she replaces my poor, worn-out lap top that died on the job. This is my seventh book. I began on a typewriter, graduated to an electric typewriter, and then bought my first lap top. In the old days, lap tops were heavy, robust, and lasted forever. The only reason I replaced it was because it had become obsolete.

 Ah – Esmeralda is unveiled, and she’s smiling for the camera.
My second to last laptop wound down slowly, and was replaced just a few years ago. That one, and the next had batteries that soon ceased to work and so they had to be plugged in all the time.
How did I ever write so many books on such a tiny screen?

Esmeralda is beautiful, slinky and sexy. My blog photos look vibrant and glazed with a satin finish – and so do yours. When I press a command it happens FAST! (I’d been having a cup of tea between commands with my dear old lap top).
She has arrived just in time to help me see the beautifully designed files on screen, for my new book. She will help me check the dyelines (on line files, print ready) when they arrive from Hong Kong.

I have welcomed her in with flowers and fruit. I’ve given her a name. And I’m hoping for a long and happy relationship – and soon to be catching up on all your blogs. Thank you for your patience, and see you soon.


  1. Lynley

    Esmeralda does look very, very elegant.

    Her name means “emerald, precious green gem”

    May the juices flow as write your books, posts and upload your photos and she is your precious gem.

  2. juliet

    * Lynley, thank you for the meaning of Esmeralda – the name just came out of the blue, but the meaning is perfect. It’s such a relief to be able to communicate without problems again. Still a lot of tidying up of the documents that were transferred, but lost their folders.

  3. Diana Drent

    Esmeralda is really an exotic name. When once I’m ready for a new computer, I also think of a nice name.

    Enjoy your new laptop!

  4. RuthG

    Best wishes for much satisfying creativity with your new electronic companion. When I saw the name, I immediately thought of that wonderful Chilean sailing ship – may you sail safely with your Esmeralda.

  5. juliet

    *Diana, thank you. It think it helps to befriend new technology when it has been named and welcomed.

    * Ruth, I like to think that I will do some good sailing with Esmeralda, and explore seas unknown. Thank you.

  6. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. Esmeralda sounds just perfect – love her name and she is most certainly squeaky clean and smart … enjoy – cheers Hilary

  7. Hotly Spiced

    I’m so happy for you (if not a touch envious!) What a great computer and that screen is awesome. I need to upgrade my poor old laptop that’s reached capacity and is moving very slowly. Have fun with your new toy xx

  8. juliet

    *Hilary, she feels like a real treat for the new year.

    * Charlie, this change is long overdue. Don’t leave it too long to upgrade your lap top, and be sure to have everything backed up. That’s where I got caught. The new computer man has put a new hard drive into my old lap top so I can use it at the bach, so that’s an added bonus.

    Thank you, Hilary and Charlie, good to see you here.

  9. Anne Dean Ruffell

    How lovely it has been to catch up on the last three or four of your blogs – the swim in the heat,dashing into surf at the beach, the pohutakawas along the coast, Christmas and solstice celebrations – all brought to life so well with your pictures and words. So pleased that your computer problems have been solved by Esmeralda taking up residence with you! May she prove to be fruitful and a true friend!

  10. juliet

    Anne, so nice to have you visit. Thank you, and so far Esmeralda and I are getting along beautifully. I love being able to have two windows open, side by side, when I’m proof-reading etc.

  11. Ruth P

    Happy days with Esmeralda, Juliet! Hope its both an enjoyable and productive relationship giving us readers plenty to anticipate!! happy new year to you too.

  12. Penny O'Neill

    Welcome, Esmeralda! Long may she reign and may your partnership be fruitful, Juliet.

    I had to smile as I recalled learning to type on a manual typewriter and remember my glee when I first encountered an electric typewriter. Sometimes, I miss those old clicking keys – then I remember all the things I can do with a computer. Enjoy.

  13. Vicki Lane

    What a sleek beauty! I’m badly in need of a replacement for my aging laptop… Shall look forward to hearing more of your adventures with Esmeralda.

  14. juliet

    * Ruth, I think Esmeralda and I are going to do well together – but nothing major for a little while!

    * Penny, I remember those days of the clicking keys on the old typewriter so well. No RSI in those days.

    * Diana, Esmeralda has been welcomed in so well.

    * Vicki, she is beautiful, that’s for sure, and the wide screen makes a writer’s life much easier.

    Thank you all for your comments.


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