She has arrived, and deserved a special welcome. So I cleared my desk, which was bearing the evidence of much activity, with piles of papers everywhere. I cleaned the desk too, and brought in special objects. Because Esmeralda is going to make life a lot easier for me.

 I think of her second name as I-maculate. She is the new, slim-line version, and she replaces my poor, worn-out lap top that died on the job. This is my seventh book. I began on a typewriter, graduated to an electric typewriter, and then bought my first lap top. In the old days, lap tops were heavy, robust, and lasted forever. The only reason I replaced it was because it had become obsolete.

 Ah – Esmeralda is unveiled, and she’s smiling for the camera.
My second to last laptop wound down slowly, and was replaced just a few years ago. That one, and the next had batteries that soon ceased to work and so they had to be plugged in all the time.
How did I ever write so many books on such a tiny screen?

Esmeralda is beautiful, slinky and sexy. My blog photos look vibrant and glazed with a satin finish – and so do yours. When I press a command it happens FAST! (I’d been having a cup of tea between commands with my dear old lap top).
She has arrived just in time to help me see the beautifully designed files on screen, for my new book. She will help me check the dyelines (on line files, print ready) when they arrive from Hong Kong.

I have welcomed her in with flowers and fruit. I’ve given her a name. And I’m hoping for a long and happy relationship – and soon to be catching up on all your blogs. Thank you for your patience, and see you soon.