When deadlines are pushing and pressuring and I’m getting behind with everything,

and spring is knocking on the door of the earth, wanting to push through, and I’m in a time of creativity and growth, which is exciting, but threatens to overwhelm,

 then even though there’s been no time for weeks, and certainly no time now, I need to just break away and make for the bach.

And take time to wander—

 along the soothing banks of the stream. What perfect timing. This is the first fine weekend for weeks and weeks.

It’s time to observe what is happening in nature. While in the bach garden, weeds are pushing up their heads everywhere, along the stream the dry vestiges of winter rattle in the wind.

 Pulling weeds is satisfying when the mind is cluttered. Wandering is even better, following the curve of the stream without any sense of a goal,

 letting the wind blow away anxiety and refresh my spirit,

opening up space inside – and then the talk falls into place, and the writing project begins to breathe. The deadlines become lifelines, dancing in the breeze. Everything seems possible once more. 
Sometimes the best thing to do when there’s no time to be in nature, is simply to be in nature.