Water is the main thing on my mind in this dry summer. Will the bach garden be OK! I didn’t get out there last weekend and so it’s been two weeks since I’ve been able to carry my buckets-full of water up to the garden.
I was greeted with a surprise: ripening tomatoes announcing their presence with a great scarlet drum roll.

 Oh yes, the locals told me, we had one big downpour last weekend. It came in the night and saturated the ground. It also turned one of my slender courgettes into a big fat on-the-way-to-being-a-marrow.

This fine weather is too good to miss. Everyone is pouring out to the coast. The surf is up, and now that I’ve ridden a few waves, my board is free

 and the little one is in for a treat. How do you learn that all rivers flow to the sea? Why, by being taken on an adventure, skimming the water upstream until you meet the waves,

and then skimming back again, so fast, against the current.

 It was noticed by a blog visitor that when I showed the iron ball last week, I did not record the splash.
And so here, is a repeat just for you,

 complete with splash!

On the day I left I gathered more produce from the garden. The plants respond instantly to the copious buckets of water that I gave them night and morning, and I was able to gather another harvest of courgettes, beans and tomatoes. More ratatouille tonight – one of my favourite dishes.
Oh the bounty of summer! – but only if there is enough water to support it all.
I came home to a letter from Oxfam about a woman in Bougainville. Her village lacks drinking water for three months of every year. A small donation will help the villagers to set up clean water systems. I’ll be sending mine off tomorrow.