May 18

It all happened pretty fast. There’s nothing like a good wind storm to shake the trees and reduce them to naked branches. Only three weeks ago, the melia tree outside my window looked as if its leaves would hold on forever.

April 27

For sure, they were turning yellow, but still they formed a good head of foliage.

April 18

 I’d been watching them for some time, hoping to chart a gradual process of leaf-change. But as you will see from these photos, the leaves looked very similar through April after an initial yellowing in late March.

April 7

March 30
March 8

What happens inside a leaf, to suddenly weaken it so that it can no longer hold fast to the branches? What is it inside ourselves that suddenly weakens, so that we can no longer hold on after weeks, months or even years of heroic endeavour? Maybe we too, like the leaves, need to discover our limits, to loosen and let go, fall to the ground and make compost, and in this way regenerate our fertility and capacity to grow anew.