For about 4 days before Easter, St Matthew-in-the-city sets out a labyrinth in river stones and candles. The church fills with music: sometimes a choir, maybe electronic music, maybe the sound of a river gurgling by. It’s an age-old practice, to walk the labyrinth in order to connect with the depths of our own soul.
The labyrinth in St Matthew is a simplified version of the one at Chartres. This inspiring cathedral was the last place I visited after living in Paris for two years. I have photos of my baby son sitting in the cobblestone street outside the church, but none of the interior (probably not permitted).

The timing of today’s walk was perfect, for I’m not journeying gracefully across the seasons at present.
The tradition is to carry a question into the labyrinth, and simply to hold that question without expectations while one walks.
My question was ‘what am I resisting?’

It was answered in the most unexpected way, as I took a turn in the quiet walk.
What is your question as the season turns? May you find the quietness to hold it in sacred space. May the answer arise from the stillness inside you.