Walking the labyrinth

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For about 4 days before Easter, St Matthew-in-the-city sets out a labyrinth in river stones and candles. The church fills with music: sometimes a choir, maybe electronic music, maybe the sound of a river gurgling by. It’s an age-old practice, to walk the labyrinth in order to connect with the depths of our own soul.
The labyrinth in St Matthew is a simplified version of the one at Chartres. This inspiring cathedral was the last place I visited after living in Paris for two years. I have photos of my baby son sitting in the cobblestone street outside the church, but none of the interior (probably not permitted).

The timing of today’s walk was perfect, for I’m not journeying gracefully across the seasons at present.
The tradition is to carry a question into the labyrinth, and simply to hold that question without expectations while one walks.
My question was ‘what am I resisting?’

It was answered in the most unexpected way, as I took a turn in the quiet walk.
What is your question as the season turns? May you find the quietness to hold it in sacred space. May the answer arise from the stillness inside you.


  1. Joan

    Oh this is so beautiful Juliet. What a wondeerful idea. I have written earlier how I walk the rose garden at the lake as a labyrinth. Your post makes me want to go and walk it now. The roses are dying and it makes me wish it was All Hallows we were preparing for ..

  2. juliet

    Ah, but it is All Hallows – coming up on April 30! I will be sending out a special notice inviting people to light candles for their beloved dead on this night – as I’ve been doing over the last 5 years. It’s a nation-wide event that is gathering momentum.
    I like to think of you walking amidst the roses. Thanks for visiting Joan.

  3. Joan

    You are so right of course Juliet! This is the loveliest idea.. All Hallows on the 30th! Yes! I love this. You are super wonderful Juliet!

  4. lifeonthecutoff

    Such a spiritually stimulating post for me, Juliet. We have a labyrinth at our church, just waiting for me to walk it. I have been carrying a question around like the largest stone above and now I remember where I need to take it. Thank you.

  5. juliet

    Penny, it’s so wonderful to feel this resonance across the hemispheres and seasons. I love your description of a question ‘like the largest stone’, and how fortunate you are to have a labyrinth at your church. I wish you a contemplative walk into the space where the answers dwell.


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