I nearly turned back. I had no umbrella, and rain began to fall just as I’d started my afternoon walk. But sometimes it’s good to be intrepid, especially in winter; not to be deterred by a bit of wet or wind. And the rain wasn’t heavy. I decided to take a chance.
I’m so glad I did, because an unusual thing happened. As I walked along the waterfront, gazing over the slate blue sea, I noticed that although it was raining, I wasn’t getting wet! The sun was out too, and it was drying the rain even as it fell. I was walking in the sun rain.
Then as I turned my head in the opposite direction, there against a backdrop of voluminous grey cloud, rose the base of a rainbow. In a few moments it arched higher, making a perfect curve. A few moments later and a second, fainter rainbow appeared above it.
I stood in wonder, stunned by the beauty that nature can produce, all in an instant.
This was a day of treading the edge of magic, between wet and dry, grey and luminousity, rain and sun.
I’m reminded, yet again, that going out to meet the weather so often brings an unexpected gift.