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I stopped and stared as I walked past a smart new townhouse and saw these plants growing up the wall.

At first I thought it was a mural. Then I realised they were real. This photo is of the side wall. Spray-on shrubs, perhaps. Yet they are growing too, and putting out spring shoots.

It all looked a bit unnatural and surreal to me. I was relieved to see rebel leaf tips making a break for freedom at the top of the wall. If I was a plant, I don’t think I’d be satisfied with a two-dimensional life.


  1. Marja

    It indeed looks like a mural. I’ve seen some simular climbers on a white wall which were red as it was autumn.

  2. Marilyn

    I agree, I thought that these plants had been painted. When the plants fully cover the wall maybe they won’t look so regulated.
    I love your hyacinth post below, what a wonderful way to share the wonder of plants with a grandchild.

  3. Lynley

    I think it might be “Climbing fig” or “Creeping fig” Ficus pimula.

    We used to have it growing on a wall in our garden here in Whitby. Some landscape work saw it and the panel it was growing on was removed. We now have a lovely pink climbing rose in that site.

    The climbing fig can be a nuisance plant if allowed to escape but this one looks confined.

    I’m planning on cultivating something for my wee grandson to wonder about. Your hyacinths look and sound lovely.

  4. juliet

    Thank you Marja, Marilyn and Lynley for your comments, and interesting additions. Yes, the hyacinths are very appealing for wee ones. Mira smelt each one with great delight when she came round yesterday,

  5. lifeonthecutoff

    Interesting use of plant material in this, Juliet. We often seen vines of sorts climbing on retaining walls separating private from public property, such as expressways. When they fill in, a screen of green emerges. If this is a creeping fig, I wonder what the other side of the wall will look like soon.


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