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Serious rain began to fall as I left town, but sometimes it’s best to confront the weather and not hide from it. Out at the bach, I stepped out undaunted under my big umbrella, into the rain. After about ten minutes, a sudden sun break delivered sparkling beauty and wonder: the catch of blue from the wings of a heron as it flapped wetly upstream; the contrast of silver marram and deep gold pingao against the black sand; a blue-headed chaffinch flashing a red breast; and through it all the thin winter light that sheds magic over a well-known landscape.


  1. Joan

    Beautiful photos. The wild west coast I’d say.

  2. Marilyn

    I love the picture you painted with words as well as your photos. I love our black sand beaches of the wild west coast.

  3. lifeonthecutoff

    You paint such beautiful word pictures, Juliet, and your photos support them so dramatically. Thank you for bringing your home alive to me, so many thousands of miles away.

  4. Anonymous

    Though we were at Te Henga just one winter your words bring the land, the light, the water and the space of this place vividly alive to my senses. Thank you!



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