As we approach the sacred time of solstice I am holding hands across the world with my northern hemisphere readers.

On December 22, it will be summer solstice in the southern hemisphere, and winter solstice in the north. It is time to celebrate both.

Solstice is an ancient seasonal festival of great significance to our ancestors.

Alignment with solstice will bring you into the seasonal rhythm that runs beneath the layers of busy activity and to-do lists.

When I think of the essence of the two solstices, this is what comes to mind:


The mountain and the cave

The mountain represents the zenith, the peak energy of summer solstice, on the longest day.

The cave represents the nadir, the deep inward energy of winter solstice, on the shortest day.


And then there is the calendar year

Superimposed on both solstices is the calendar year, with the pressures it brings as we wind up many things and prepare for Christmas.
How can we step out of the pressures of the calendar requirements and into the seasonal rhythm of solstice?


Some strategies for each solstice

At summer solstice, move OUT and into nature.

Hold a tree, sit or walk by water, or ascend to a high place to lift yourself out of the busy activities and gain perspective and grounding.

Lie on the grass or sand. Let your body relax into the earth. Find sustenance in this.

In summer, a dark seed lies at the heart of the flower-strewn cloth or altar. From this moment, darkness will begin to increase.

Celebrate what you have, with symbols, sharing, and laughter. Offer gratitude for the good.



At winter solstice, move IN to the darkness.

Light a candle or sit by a fireside. Draw awareness into your own depths.
In the darkness seek nourishment for your soul.

Focus on what is seeded at solstice.

In winter, a bright flame lies at the heart of the black cloth covered with bare twigs, pine cones, and symbols of the dark. From this moment, the light will begin to increase.

Draw hope and strength from the returning light. Share your hope and desire through symbols, sharing, and laughter, or even tears. Make a wish and offer it to the flame or the fire.



Solstice blessings to you all, wherever you are. May awareness and peace be with you as the sun turns,



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