Two faces of winter

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A kingfisher sits on the jetty alone. A cold wind is blowing. I approach to begin my tai chi and the kingfisher flies away.

The flame tree is losing its leaves. Already the top is bare, while the last of the lower foliage catches the sun and prepares to drop.

 The western side of the flame tree is quite different. Here is a burst of defiant flowers, and in the light of the setting sun, even the trunk glows with life.

Winter is time to turn within, kindle fires, cook hot food, gather in convivial, cheery communities, sing and laugh, and enjoy the richness of the inner life.
The other side of the flame tree reminds me of this, as the cold winds blow and the leaves fall.


  1. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. such a good analogy – winter is the time to restore our inner qualities .. so we’re ready for our bursting time in spring and summer – where we can put our renewed energies to good use. Sorry the kingfisher didn’t stay with you ..

    Cheers Hilary – and I love the photos ..

  2. Lynley

    We don’t have a flame tree Juliet but our largest flowering cherry tree is turning gold and red. It is beginning to remind me of a bonfire or open fire.

    I like your encouragement to enjoy the richness of inner life and the flame tree is lovely on its glowing side.

  3. juliet

    * Hi Hilary, yes you’ve got it 100%. I’d hoped to sneak up closer to the kingfisher, but it was not to be. Thanks for the encouragement.

    * Lynley, the flowering cherry sounds as if it’s turning on the fire too. I’m glad you have some winter glow close by – must be glorious.

  4. Joan

    Suddenly Winter seems to be here Juliet. Our first frost this morning and a real nip in the air. Dark at 5.30pm. Love the thought of warm fires and hot food and the gathering of friends. Mid-winter feast to be planned I think.

  5. lifeonthecutoff

    I can just feel the slowing of the seasons here, Juliet. The settling in as winter comes and with it a quiet time. Won’t those hot foods taste good now?

  6. Hotly Spiced

    Kingfisher birds are beautiful. Yes, it’s winter here too and we are turning inside and turning up the heat and eating comfort foods. I hope this winter will be mild because last year we had a shocker. xx

  7. juliet

    * Joan, sounds nippy with the first frost visiting you. A mid-winter feast is always cheering.

    * Penny, I’m certainly looking forward to hot foods and have a hearty soup on the stove right now.

    * Charlie, I can imagine you will have some great recipes for the winter. Last year we had a mild one, but this year is already much colder.

    Thanks Joan, Penny and Charlie for your comments, much appreciated.


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