Are you ready to enter the nurturing dark of winter?

We have just passed southern hemisphere Samhain, Last Light, the threshold to Winter.
This year it’s only recently that autumn has beguiled us with its golden time, that gift of a second summer. Before that autumn was filled with rain, storms and a cyclone, rolling in one week after another.

And then, what is usually the first face of autumn, has recently unveiled itself.



The first face of autumn

I think of the first face as ‘sweet autumn’, the golden time, when the season feels like a gentle reflection of summer, a welcome reprieve from the heat, and a time of stability and steadiness.

Most people, when they say they love autumn, are thinking of this phase.

Deciduous trees deepen their hue as the leaves turn russet, amber and claret reds. Apples ripen rosily and feijoas open up to reveal their creamy sweetness.

Autumn is full of beauty. It can also be a time of illusion: that life can be like this always — that we can ‘press pause’ on the golden time, and rest forever enfolded in warmth and mellow acceptance.



The second face of autumn

But the season has another phase. We had a taste of it earlier, and will soon be plunging into it again. This is the phase that is likely to invoke resistance, melancholy or anxiety.

For it’s a time of change. The trees begin to shake off their gorgeous raiment and will soon turn to stark silhouettes, as bare as spindly bones.

The temperature drops and you pull out warm clothing, and extra blankets for the bed. Coolness begins to bite and the rapidly increasing dark strikes a sombre note.

It’s time to move to a deeper, inward place, to start the spiralling journey down into the deep pit of winter.

How can you cross this threshold into the dark cold days? It’s in the second phase that you are likely to face fear and resistance.



It’s possible to learn to trust and flow with these changes

Ritualising the change helps, by bringing consciousness to what is happening, for esistance creates suffering and contraction, whereas acceptance creates ease and expansion.

Seasonal rituals enable you to release one season and flow into the next. As you engage your will to move with the seasons, without fear, you can then discover the gifts that each season brings, yes even in the melancholy phase of late autumn and early winter.

At southern hemisphere Samhain we mourn and remember our griefs.
And then another golden day comes whispering in.

May you enter the dance with trust and willingness, wherever you may be.


And if you’d like to find support with crossing the threshold, check out my Autumn Attunement.

Live in the present.
Do all the things that need to be done.
Do all the good you can each day.
The future will unfold.
—Peace Pilgrim

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