There’s something so hopeful about starting a new spring garden. It means a renewal of faith, investment in a new cycle, and commitment to seeing it through.
I was out at the bach last weekend, and the earth was calling. It’s been so long since I’ve done any gardening, and I couldn’t wait to begin. Up the road I discovered bright young seedlings for sale: tomatoes, courgettes (zucchini), lettuce, and marigolds (good for companion planting)

 Planting is the gratifying part of making a new garden. But first, hard work is needed.

Onion weed has taken advantage of my absence and decided that the garden belongs to it.

There are a few nice surprises as well; what I call ‘accidental plants’:  celery that self-seeded from the year before, 

 and potatoes, which were hiding in the earth even though I never planted them.

At last the ground is clear, and the tomato plants are popped into the soil. Deep below their roots is a little cluster of sheep pellets waiting to feed the growing plant.
I’m aching all over and will feel it even more the next morning, but how satisfying it is to plant hope once more!