Doing Tai Chi on the beach, this cool morning, I find myself reflecting on permanence – as in the rock. and transience – as in the autumn leaf.
My old school teacher awakened my creativity with puppet-making & shows, singing, drawing, and decorating. He gave me shelter in the loving ambiance of his classroom at a country school where bullying was the norm. He awakened aroha – love – for Maori culture, its language, stick games, songs and stories. All of this is permanent, and solid like the rock.
But the leaf of his life is curling up and losing its glow.

Before leaving the beach, I made a shrine of remembrance. Now, as I look at the photo, I see that I selected 14 white shells, one for each year of my growing up in Taranaki. The large scallop is for my teacher, and the small scallop for me, who will survive him and carry the tales, until I too am taken like a leaf in the wind.