Are you ready for a change of season?


In the northern hemisphere, summer will soon be melting into autumn, and I have an autumn message for you.

Here in the southern hemisphere, winter is yielding to spring in fits and starts. Weeds are pushing through the earth with great enthusiasm, thunder clouds gather and empty out, kawakawa is lighting its green candles, and hyacinths are wafting out heavenly fragrance.

The season calls me to be alert, and to watch for new openings.

I’ve been writing in the company of an old friend from university days. He became a poet after retirement, and on the morning after our writing session, this poem sprang out. So I thought I’d do something new, and turn my newsletter over to poetry.



Has anyone seen my words?
They were last spotted tangling and rolling
into balls,
scurrying inside old socks,
which immediately became
as is their wont.

The clarion call of spring,
Trumpeting out of the freesias
Reminds me that I too
Can shout, chime, cry out
And sing arias.

No need for muffling and
stuffing away in over-crowded musty

Come on now, unravel, loosen up,
shake a leg — or two—
join the dance of spring
Bin those old socks
and start anew.

©Juliet Batten 2018


What in you is seeking to awaken?
How will you enable that?
What help do you need?


Refreshing blessings to you all,


For further reading, see ‘A Cup of Sunlight‘, Chapter 2 for natural ways to raise energy, along with a ritual of replenishment.

Also check ‘Spirited Ageing‘, p. 54 ‘Do new things constantly’, and Chapter 6 ‘Passion and Purpose’, which includes a section entitled ‘Invite creativity into your life.’

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