How present is the sacred in your life?


‘Oh but I don’t have enough time,’ you might protest.

But here’s the secret. Bringing the sacred into your life is not about needing more time.


It’s about needing more awareness.


Awareness can happen in a flash.

And it brings rewards: a lightening of the heart, a refreshing of the spirit, a wider perspective, and a release from the burdens of life.





Time for tea


In the midst of the final cleaning and clearing of the bach, I found myself multi-tasking; meeting a local man regarding work on the driveway, collecting cleaning things and tasks for the friend who had come to help, giving guidance to the gardener on her last trip, and at the same time checking off my lists and dealing with all the extra things that crop up, unlisted, at the last minute.

Time for a cup of tea, a time-honoured ritual.

I wandered into the bush for a moment to tune into the kawakawa tree, asking for its healing medicine before choosing a leaf for my tea. This simple moment of respect and connection, this stepping out of the flurry, opened up space to see something I might have missed.


The sacred is there in every moment, if only you open to receive.




A gift from nature


The rangiora tree nearby was dangling a leaf towards me. There it was, the white side of the leaf, hanging from an almost broken stem.

As I reached for it, I received a message from the land. I moved quickly inside, and taking up my pen, wrote the message on the soft white side of the leaf:


A message from the land.


Thank you for loving me.

We will always be



As I stepped back into the stream of the work to be done, I felt comforted. All the hard work was being held in the light of a greater awareness. The love of the land was with me, and my weariness lifted like a cloud floating freely in the windy sky above.





What is your relationship with the sacred?


Sacredness is there in every season — right now in the fullness of spring if you are in the northern hemisphere, and in the mellowing and darkening of autumn if you are in the south.


Would you like to bring the sacred more fully into your everyday life?

Then try this:

  1. Create an invitation in your heart, as if you are opening a doorway.
  2. Each day hold the awareness that the sacred is just waiting to reveal itself to you. It may be when you are sweeping the path, walking down the street, or sitting down for a cup of tea.
  3. Notice how you feel at these times.
  4. Give thanks for each moment that is revealed. The sacred loves to be seen, and your gratitude will encourage it to be more and more present in your life and to take up more room.


Seasons blessings,



Each thought, each action in the sunlight of awareness becomes sacred.

-Thich Nhat Hanh


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