Tick tock, dandelion clock

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One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, four. 
Summer’s gone, it’s out the door
It didn’t come here anyway
Still the children want to play.

It’s been a month since I visited the bach, and here I am, blessed with that rare thing, a fine sunny day. The bach garden has gone wild while I’ve been away. Usually at this time of year, if I’m not around to water the plants, they shrivel and die. But not this summer.

The calendulas and marigolds, planted to deter pests and bring brightness to my salads, are happy and laughing.

The pumpkin that grew itself, is quietly swelling and ripening under the leaves.

A month ago it was just a little green thing, but all the rain has kept it growing.

What’s the time, Mr Wolf?
Autumn time.
Five o’clock, six o’clock, seven o’clock eight
Autumn’s here, it can’t be late
eight o’clock, nine o’clock ten o’clock eleven
The sun came out, today was heaven.


  1. Joan

    Heehee.. good fun. What strange seasons we’re having, but beautiful days. Love your wild beach garden.

  2. Hotly Spiced

    That’s great that you were able to have a wonderful weekend at the bach with fabulous weather – just in time before winter descends. I feel a bit robbed really, seeing as we didn’t have much of a summer here in the Southern Hemisphere xx

  3. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. looks gorgeous whichever way .. hope the warmer weather continues on for a while during your Autumn – makes so much difference ..

    Cheers and enjoy the weekend .. Hilary

  4. juliet

    Hi Joan, nice to see you here. Yes, strange seasons indeed.
    Hotly spiced, it’s raining again today so that was just a one-day wonder! You too in Australia have had a wet time.
    Hilary, Hi and thanks for the comment and good wishes.

  5. RuthG

    We’re having a lovely warm sunny Saturday. It’s so good to feel that it’s a proper summer day.

  6. Penny

    Dandy-lions! They will soon be blooming here, Juliet, sending their little seeds off. However you captured that seed head is amazing, and how lush your bach garden looks. What a wistful post this is to me. Thank you, and thank you for the poetic clock ticking as well.

    Have you ever read Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Summer?

  7. juliet

    Thanks for visiting Ruth, and I’m glad you are having a sunny day.
    Penny, thank you. The dandelion head looked magical to me, the way the sun was catching it. Yes, wistful is a perfect word. I read Dandelion Summer after you mentioned it on your blog – and enjoyed it greatly.
    I love your poetic picture and Irish blessing on your blog; have just tried to leave a comment and alas, it won’t let me. I don’t know what WordPress has changed. It’s so frustrating.

  8. Marja

    Love your playful words and the lovely flowers. Summer isn’t gone quite yet. We had two super hot summerdays this weekend

  9. juliet

    Hi Marja, thank you. I’m glad you had some summer days too.

  10. Lynley

    Your calendula look like little suns brightening up our dull weather Juliet.

    We must not complain here in Porirua as we have enjoyed 3 hot sunny days in a row! What a difference it makes to the ripening of tomatoes.

    Fingers crossed your pumpkin matures to a tasty treat.

  11. juliet

    Hi Lynley, yes they are just like little suns. We had just the one fine day, and now it’s raining heavily once more. Yes, I hope there’s enough warmth left for the pumpkin to ripen well.


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