Winter has arrived uninvited, even though it is still May. Yesterday an icy blast swept the country, bringing snow to the south. In Dunedin, schools were closed as many roads were impassable. Ruth from Central Otago sent me this photo of her herb garden covered in snow.
This morning in Auckland the storm had cleared and sun was streaming in the windows,
 catching my agave sentinels that stand so bravely in the long planter that runs along my balcony.  In the background you can see some splashes of red. The flame tree is flowering once more, another act of defiance as winter marches on.

 And so I’ve been able to do my tai chi, well not exactly outside in the sun because the chill of the night is still nipping my heels, but at least behind the ranch sliders, looking out to the view that always delights, and losing myself in the green folds of the agave.