The two-sided tree

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The flame tree, that I watch through the seasons, has become two trees. On the east, its leaves are slowly turning yellow and becoming more sparse. I photograph this side of the tree in the morning, when the sun catches its leaves.

But on the other side, which stretches out towards the west, more and more red flowers are blooming. I photograph this side in the evening, when the setting sun bathes the leaves and flowers with golden light.
On the west, the tree has begun its winter flaming.
On the east, the tree is still in autumn leaf-fall.
Two seasons in one.
I feel I am witnessing transition, right before my eyes.
I feel comforted.
When nature is showing so much of its jolting, harsh, abrupt side, gentle transitions that include some of the old and some of the new, give me time to adjust and accept the inevitability of change.


  1. lifeonthecutoff

    So very beautiful, indeed, Juliet. Autumn and winter in one. Whenever I think of a flame tree, I think of the book The Flame Trees of Thick that I read so many years ago now. Thank you.

  2. juliet

    I don’t know that book. Have read Dandelion Wine, that you recommended a while back and now it looks like I’ve got another thread to follow. Thank you Penny.

  3. lifeonthecutoff

    It is well worth the time, Juliet. The Flame Trees of Thika is by Elspeth Huxley and set in Kenya in the early 20th century. I wrote the title incorrectly above. It is her memoir of being a child on a coffee plantation and is wonderful. There was also a television series, I believe in the ’80s, originally done in Britain that was well done. I had never heard of a flame tree until I read the book and enjoyed seeing this one on your blog. Enjoy.

  4. juliet

    Thank you for these details Penny. I’ll track it down and look forward to a good read.I watch my flame tree every day, so will be fascinated to know more about its origins also.


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