The troll and the fairy

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The stream runs quietly down to the sea from the bush clad hills of the Centennial Memorial Park.

 The waters are flanked by wild flowers

and under the bridge lives a troll

 who has to be appeased with feasts of fish, chocolate drink, and soup, all gathered from the edges of the stream.

 Yes, the bach fairy has come to visit, and she knows all about such things. She even makes ‘berries’ for the troll by tying knots in pieces of reed. Whenever a car approaches and the troll booms out ‘Pass’, she squeals with delight as the car rumbles overhead.

The stream itself has its own magic. ‘Look granny, I can see the sand swimming.’

 We two are together in my favourite place. The mist has cleared, the sun is out, and playtime has begun.


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