The painted ladies want to dance

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 Ok girls, now that we’ve got our spring finery on, and it’s Saturday night, how about we go dancing?

 Ooh, but have you peeped your fancy face around the corner? Don’t you know there’s a storm raging out there?

 Mmm, see what you mean.

 It’s been sloshing in over the beach all afternoon, wave after wave,

 enough to ruin a girl’s hairdo, to say nothing of her frills and flounces.

Look at this little green branch, torn off the tree and left to swim as best it can.

No, we’ll just have to wait until it passes (sigh).


  1. cecilia buyswheeler gunther

    My mother grew these in her garden at the beach in westshore.. we called them ginger plants.. is that right, can you dig the root for ginger? i always wondered.. beautiful.. i also wanted to say Juliet, that when i see your comments on my own site i always feel that much more grounded, you have one of our beaches at your back and that knowledge is so important to me out here on the prairies.. you and your beach have become dreadfully important to me.. i feel sad that i cannot visit your site more often, but winter is coming and this winter will be much easier than the last, so i hope to keep in touch more often then.. till then throw a stone out to the waves for me.. soon.. many many thanks for being my corner stone on the beach.. c

  2. juliet

    Celi, they are Birds of Paradise, a big like ginger but more colourful.
    What lovely words about my comments on your blog. I feel so glad about what you say.
    Not being a farmer, I feel there’s a lot I can’t contribute, in terms of practical comments, but then your blog is so much bigger than that. I can understand so well how you must miss the sea, so I’m very happy to be your corner stone on the beach. I will throw a stone out to the waves, just for you, every time I’m there.
    Lots of love, from the waves to the prairies.

  3. Friko

    That’s right girls, you stay warm and cosy. Keep your finery for another day.

  4. juliet

    They’re still waiting Friko!

  5. Hotly Spiced

    I love birds of paradise. Such stunning flowers. When we lived near the beach we had these plants growing in our front yard. I used to love bringing them into the house xx

  6. juliet

    * Charlie, they are beautiful flowers. This year they are looking particularly fine.

  7. Penny O'Neill

    I hope that the weather has cleared and these birds of paradise have had their chance to dance, Juliet. What fabulous photos, both the flowers and the waves; synchronized swimming.

    We may have our first freeze tonight.

  8. juliet

    Still waiting for the storm to clear Penny. We are having unusually fierce winds. But the dancing will happen!
    So your season is turning – sounds chilly.

  9. Lynley

    They are perky ladies and I hope the storm has not ruined them Juliet.

    Your photos and story are great fun. I am looking forward to reading that they have been out and about displaying their finery.

  10. juliet

    The ladies are still waiting Lynley! Thanks for joining in the fun.

  11. Ruth P

    It’s great to see the painted ladies turning up to play again for another year, the seasons are turning!

  12. juliet

    Yes, here they are again Ruth, looking more splendid than ever.

  13. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – gorgeous strelitzia photos – loved having them in South Africa … and your story line is just great …

    I gather the storms have been quite intense – those photos too are atmospheric … I love how the sea changes so much .. frightening too ..

    Cheers Hilary

  14. Vicki Lane

    Such gorgeous, unlikely blooms. We had Birds of Paradise on the patio when we lived in Florida many years ago.

  15. juliet

    * Hilary, nice that the flowers bring back good memories. The wind is still blowing.
    * Vicki, the Birds of Paradise are indeed unusual. Nice that you know them too.

    Thank you Hilary and Vicki, nice to see you here.

  16. Marja

    Oh they are gorgeous and love the chit chat among them 🙂

  17. juliet

    Marja, they are still looking gorgeous despite all the wind. Glad you enjoyed their talk!


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