The other side of the storm

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A ‘storm bomb’ hit New Zealand this weekend, hurtling across the Tasman Sea from Australia. We had planned to arrive at Half Moon Bay, where the class reunion was held, by ferry. ‘Not safe,’ decided my friend’s husband, who drove us there. The night was wild, the reunion intense, but we all made it, some from England, others from Australia, or the South Island.

 And the next morning, the marina was serene and calm. It was time to feel sadness for those who could not be there this time, including two who had died. This is our third gathering over the last six years, and the numbers are smaller on each occasion.

But the weather was glorious. On the other side of the storm lay a summer day, such as we have hardly seen when the official summer was here. We were able to take our boat trip to Waiheke Island, in the Hauraki Gulf, for a beach front lunch.

And to watch Rangitoto sliding past Motukorea,

the way our lives have slid into many new regions,

slipping out of sight, yet reappearing when we meet and remember not only the good times we had at our High School,

but the goodwill that is still present whenever we meet, despite the storms that we have faced in our lives.

And so, as the ferry sails back to Auckland, it’s goodbye again—until we meet in another two year’s time, hoping that we will all be there, in good health and spirits.


  1. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. so pleased you had a good reunion .. it’s sad about people dying .. we even had children at school who died .. leukaemia and a car accident .. I guess more have since. The storms sound pretty nasty .. the weather is strange at the moment .. Cheers Hilary

  2. lifeonthecutoff

    This is such a beautiful tribute to your friends and to life, Juliet. Those storms, both real and metaphorical, that come through, and how we travel through them in life. Your photos are so rich and lovely and they way you placed them a story in itself.

  3. juliet

    Hi Hilary, yes the storm has left hundreds without power, and the weather certainly is strange everywhere at present. How sad to have children die when they were still at school.
    Penny, thank you for your kind words. Yes, there have been many storms in our lives, but clear waters and bright days as well.

  4. RuthG

    How wonderful to have these regular reunions with old friends. I’m glad the weather calmed down for you.

  5. juliet

    Yes, it was very special. This is where I spoke to my old school friend from Christchurch. The fine weather has been a treat.

  6. Marja

    Wonderful pictures and what a nice treat to meet up with old friends again and dig up some memories.

  7. juliet

    Thanks Marja, old friends are so precious and we were lucky to have happy school days.

  8. Lynley

    It was quite a storm over the weekend. I’m glad you could still meet with your friends despite the weather.

    You certainly enjoyed a gorgeous day after the storm.

  9. juliet

    Yes, the storm was pretty fierce, but the two days following were both clear and sunny.

  10. Hotly Spiced

    Sorry for sending you the storm! I’m glad you enjoyed the reunion but yes, it is sad when each time you get together you realise the numbers are getting smaller. Beautiful images – looks like paradise.

  11. juliet

    Hi Hotly Spiced, nice to see you here. Yes, it felt like paradise for a day or two. The harbour and islands are so beautiful.


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