The last flowering cherry

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Of a whole street of flowering cherries, this was the last tree to bloom; and the tuis were gorging themselves. I counted nine tuis in this one tree, swooping in, turning somersaults, cavorting drunkly as they sipped what must be like nectar of the gods, if you are a bird. The rest of the trees had dropped a carpet of blossom, staining the footpaths red.
I remembered when I lived in Mt Eden, and it was always the tree outside my house that was the first in the street to burst into bloom. People used to remark on it, as if some special influence was responsible. The secret was quite simple. My house, and the tree, sat on a rise: the highest point in the street. And that little bit of extra sun tempted spring to arrive two weeks earlier. 


  1. Marilyn

    Such a beautiful post, I have been enjoying seeing all the tui feasting in the blossoms too. There seems to be so many more tui around this year which is wonderful.

  2. juliet

    Yes, I admired the closeup photos you did of the tuis a while ago. You really captured their acrobatics.

  3. Joan

    How wonderful to have tui . It is so wonderful to hear of more and more native birds appearing. I remember teaching in Northcote and the many tui there used to copy the sound of the sugar trucks changing gear as they came up Onewa Rd hill. I love them. We have had showers and a rainbow here today. Very Spring!

  4. Joan

    PS: i love the blossom carpet! Nature’s zen art.

  5. juliet

    Yes, they are amazing imitators. I’ve heard them imitate the telephone too. I know the Onewa Rd hill and the sugar trucks as I lived in Birkenhead until 2 years ago. Fancy copying the trucks’ sound: I’m trying to imagine it. We had a rainbow here too; I saw it this morning.

  6. lifeonthecutoff

    Your tui sound so remarkable for such little birds. Your pictures are quite lovely, Juliet, and that “blossom carpet” – twice the joy!


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