As I drove out to the bach, I wondered if the persimmons at the organic growers would be ripe. Were they ever! I had to stop at the bottom of the drive to photograph the orchard.

 The laden branches were quivering with the excited squawks of minahs, who were going crazy over the bounty. I felt like squawking too, because I adore these delicious fruit.

 The growers, a couple, have worked for years, bringing in manure from a pig farm, adding compost and other manures until the soil has become rich and black. They’ve just spread fresh sawdust between the rows of the vegetable beds, giving an orderly, bright appearance.

 To my surprise, they still had some of their famous beefsteak tomatoes. In my book ‘Dancing with the Seasons’, I tell Alan’s secret for growing the very best every year.
Yes, I know it’s the middle of winter, but these were ripened in the green house. I bought 3 bags of persimmons and two of tomatoes.

And a big bunch of silver beet (this is only a fraction of it). What a pleasure it is to eat straight from the good earth, and to find lettuce, rocket, sweet basil, carrots, calendula flowers (that’s one of mine in the photo) and a small capsicum in my own garden. And then I was able to get a jar of tomato relish from Kathy, the organic grower at the beach. It’s my favourite, and I always go through it too fast.

It may be winter, with frost predicted for tonight, but with all this goodness to fuel my inner fire, I feel as happy as could be.