It’s a dream come true. I sometimes think I should give up on my bach garden, at least over summer, because if I’m away too long the soil dries out and the plants die. But this year, with rain every week of the summer, my dear little plants have grown into vigorous big ones, and look at this! A little pumpkin is forming, under the leaves,

 and the tiny red lettuces that I tucked into the soil are waving their frilly leaves, saying ‘eat me!’ (I did). Down to the left, lots of little rocket plants have sprung up from the seed mix that I hopefully tossed into the earth on the day I left. And marigolds everywhere are flowering, supposedly keeping the bugs away.

 Parsley has popped up on the steps,

 and a sweet basil plant, which a friend planted when she was staying out there, is burgeoning.

 Zinnias are doing really well. I planted them for the first time, because their petals can be sprinkled through the salad greens, bringing brightness and good cheer.

And here it is – fresh carrots straight from the garden to the grater, lettuce, rocket, basil, thyme, marjoram, with only the capsicum not grown by me. Eating this salad was pure pleasure.
When I was teaching Environmental Studies back in the ’80s, we had a slogan about how you can’t rob nature: ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch.’ Well, today there was!
Thank you, summer rain.
P.S. I did have a lot of weeding to do, but I didn’t mind at all.