The Garden fairy visits again

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 The first thing the visiting fairy said to me was, ‘Help me put on my wings.’ Of course I did. A fairy must be able to fly.

 In return, she set to work trying out my new blue watering can and making sure all the plants had a good drink. She visits me every week now, and we have a whole afternoon of fun together.
This time, there was at last a fine patch amidst the rainy days and I’d thought we could go to the beach. But wearing a fairy dress?

 Well, like any good fairy, she’s good at a bit of shape-shifting. With a change of clothes, we were all set to go. The tide was way out. Two little boys were playing on the beach with their father and a whole assortment of toy trucks. The father introduced them and asked the fairy if she’d like to join them in making a road.

 No way. The fairy, once she’s changed clothes, loves mud and sea weed, and set about collecting it. ‘Messy play!’ she declared with glee, stomping in the mud and wriggling her toes. The little boys thought this looked like fun, and soon joined in,

as we made nests on the beach.

to which I added ‘eggs’ shaped out of clay, with little shells on top. One of the little boys broke an ‘egg’, and announced that a bird had hatched, and then they all ran off looking for ‘worms’ – little strands of Neptune’s necklace.
And so the afternoon passed . . . Before going home, the fairy made sure we took a bucketful of seaweed back with us – ‘for Daddy’s garden.’ After all, she is the garden fairy.


  1. Elisabeth

    A gorgeous fairy and so productive.

  2. Penny

    How precious these times are with your darling garden fairy. Mira really is into pretending and wonder, isn’t she Juliet? Do the wings stay at your house for visits?

  3. juliet

    Thank you, Elisabeth and Penny. Yes, her imagination is very active, and these are precious times indeed. The wings go home so the fairy can fly around to other places, but they have to come off for the car seat.

  4. Marja

    So delightful She looks gorgeous and I so love the imagination of the little ones and the excitement that goes with it. Hope you have many more fun times together

  5. juliet

    Hi Marja, yes the imagination of these little ones is such a delight. I’m looking forward to a year of fun times as I look after her once a week.

  6. Ruth G

    What a wonderful afternoon of play and pleasure.

  7. Joan

    Oh too precious for words. Not to mention the Garden fairy has a super wonderful Nana Fairy. xoxo

  8. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. such a wonderful day out – totally beautiful to see and read – just what life with grandchildren should be like .. the boys sound fun too … enjoy our weekly fairy sessions … happy weekend .. Hilary

  9. juliet

    Thank you Ruth, Joan and Hilary, for joining in the pleasure with me.

  10. Lynley

    Oh the simple pleasures of water, sand, seaweed and shells.

    I wonder if you will need to wear fairy “grandmother” wings one day?

    Thank you for sharing such a happy visit.

  11. juliet

    Lynley, that’s not a bad idea. Maybe I should get a pair. Thanks for joining in the fun.


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