Here at the bach, life is simple. There are no shops close by, and we use what is close at hand.

Mira requested a flax Christmas tree. So, armed with 3 books on flax weaving, I came out the the bach to see what I could create before the family arrived.

The black metal chimney looked like a tree trunk, so I started weaving a series of ‘streamers’) well they are called ‘headbands in the book, but this was about improvising), and then I found a way of hanging them and joining them together.

 Ferns made a bright green base

 And then Mira arrived and we added angels and bird and other decorations from the Christmas bag,

And the gold star and baskets at the base, and then I learned to weave a basket to leave out for Santa to fill.

We are having a happy Christmas morning, here at the bach. The sun is shining, the tuis are singing, and we are together. Happy Christmas to you all, wherever you are.