Yes, I know. this looks like an autumn post. But I assure you, even though spring has now tipped into early summer, this is the season for colourful pohutukawa (and other) leaves. They drop to the ground in many colours. The green one has had its colour bleached out by the fall of another leaf on top of it. Last summer, the little fairy and I played a lot with pohutukawa leaves.

Today, we went down to the jetty and gathered all the leaves we could find. This is where spring comes in: the youthful season, the season of play. And so she wanted to sit down and make arrangements of leaves, all over her frilly skirt, and down her leg.

I love the vibrant colours, and so did she. We are going to be together again for Christmas Day and she has requested a ‘flax Christmas tree’. My creativity is stimulated by her challenges. A flax Christmas tree sounds pretty good to me, and I’m getting some ideas about how it can be made. Watch this space!