It’s autumn equinox, the rain is falling – three month’s worth in 24 hours up north, creating more floods. And yet the fruits are ripe and lush. I visit some blogs where people post delicious food that they’ve cooked, and my mouth waters. I’m too busy cooking up the text for my new book, and trying to get the flavour just right, which leaves no time for other culinary feats – but I offer you the tastes of the season.

 Feijoas, which have just ripened. I cut them open and scoop them out with a teaspoon – yummm! the insides look like four little trees of life, making new seeds in their little cavities.

 Plums of all kinds –  they bring back memories of the family’s plum tree, and trying to pick them before the birds could beat us to it. This seasons’ plums are lush and full of flavour.

 ‘Do I dare to eat a peach?’ – oh yes, indeed. What sensuous pleasure there is, in seeing the yellow flesh as well as biting into it.

Just a scatter of blueberries remains, but I’m still tossing them into my breakfast muesli each morning and enjoying their round, indigo taste.

And finally, the tomatoes. Like the feijoas, they put out little trees inside, making seeds. Mmm – ratatouille time lingers on, with sweet basil scenting the kitchen as the tomatoes simmer away and the red juice intensifies its colour.
What a marvel, that nature could ripen all these fruits with so little sun. Yet the bountiful rain has no doubt helped them to grow juicy and fat.
Happy Equinox, wherever you are, in spring or in autumn. Around the world the light and dark are in balance. It’s fruiting time here in the southern hemisphere, even though the green is just appearing in the north. Wherever you are, I send you an abundance of delectable tastes.