Every day is different, as I do my Tai Chi by the sea. The tides change, the weather changes, and the company changes. Today the tide was way out, and so I was able to scramble round to the little beach near the jetty and stand in the mottled shade as I did the sequences.

Above my head, I felt shelter spreading out from this very old, many-branched pohutukawa tree.

And along the shore, visitors arrived. First the black stilts, having a good feed at the water’s edge.

Then a couple, gliding along with poles on their surfboards.

And Princess Heron, stalking gracefully through the shallow water, and finding plenty of tasty morsels to eat.
She is so elegant, and I’m fascinated by the snaking movements of her very flexible neck.

 Mine feels a bit stiff and awkward in comparison, but as I relax into the flow of the Tai Chi, I imagine a time when I might feel like a heron beside the sea.

 Maybe I’ll find some moves called ‘Stalking the water’s edge’, or ‘Lifting legs, snaking neck’. Maybe if I keep practising, I will become as expanded as the spreading pohutukawa and as delicately poised as this elegant visitor.