Afternoon tide all week, and I haven’t been able to resist the sea. This little beach is just five minutes walk away, and it’s well used. The locals start tripping down the steps as high tide approaches, all ready to go. Some bring something to float on, and others are serious swimmers and come clad in wetsuits and goggles, all ready to strike out.

 Guess who I was with when this little arrangement fell into place? With the little one, and a playdate who came along as well with her mother, we collected treasure from the beach. Who can find a perfect scallop shell? ‘What’s a scallop shell?’ ‘What does perfect mean?’
There’s so much learning to be had in this place. An almost perfect scallop was found, and we had fun trying to put broken pieces together but none of them came from the same shell.

 On the next day I met my friend, who lives nearby. We like to swim out a bit, then float and turn and talk, prolonging our time in the water. It’s amazing how reviving a swim can be. I emerge refreshed, and ready to work again.

And yesterday, with the high tide getting later in the afternoon now, I finished my swim by doing tai chi on the edge of the sea. Plenty of people about, but the movements are so absorbing, and with this to look at as I moved through the sequences, what could be better?
‘What’s perfect?”
‘It means that there is nothing you want to change.’
That’s what this week has been.