We know that summer is over; yet the days are warm and still, and somehow in this golden glow of autumn a special feeling of gratitude sweeps down like a dove from the skies. I can taste the concentrated sweetness of summer in this papaya which melted in my mouth soon after the photo was taken.

 Yes, we know that these golden days are numbered. As soon as daylight saving ends next weekend, darkness will come rustling around us like a taffeta cloak. And so, it’s time for that annual ritual of wandering into the forest,

 to forage for the winter fires to come. I can feel the change of season beating at my back as I plan this excursion,

 because once the rain comes, this ground and the buried pine cones, will turn soggy.

But for now, it’s beautifully dry. My friend and I fossick with glee, and wander off the paths, always seeking a bigger, better cone.

And then it’s time to clamber up the track, puffing and resting as we go, each with a backpack of cones hanging from our shoulders, and another bag in each hand, feeling that delicious sense of satisfaction. She has a fireplace in her house, and my hoard will go to the bach.
We know the rain, wind and cold is just around the corner. But we are prepared.

And we can savour the last delights of the season, before it drifts away for another year.