Sunflower for Japan

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Early autumn is a time of many festivals. Here in Auckland, the cultural festival is ending, and Ponsonby Rd was having a market day. The streets were lined with stalls, sizzling food, musicians, and many passers-by.
I bought this sunflower, which contains both summer radiance and autumn seeds, and took it to the Japanese restaurant where I often have lunch. They are always courteous and kind. Today it was my turn to offer something back to them, acknowledging the suffering of the Japanese people at this time.
These words come from Seneca, from a quote that our Governor General read out at the Christchurch memorial service yesterday:

In the presence of death, we must continue to sing the song of life.


  1. lifeonthecutoff

    A perfect quote! I’m sure your lovely acknowledgement of the suffering in Japan was appreciated, Juliet. What a kind and caring gesture and inspiration.

  2. Marilyn

    Such a beautiful quote. Yes, we must sing the song of life.

  3. Joan

    That was such a lovely kindness. So much sadness and worry in the world but people reaching out to people is a wonderful thing.


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